Our Band

We are a local original band in Elk Grove, CA.  Music is a great  way to express yourself whether , sad, happy or introspective.
Many songs are created through our everyday human emotions. Once that feeling is captured, it's easier to write about  and compose.
The main thing is to enjoy the journey and realize that it is gift for all!

Charlie "Litos" Cabrera
Guitarist, Lead Singer -Songwriter

Singer-songwriter who has tried every style under the sun.
Finally figured out that the best style is "his own style!"
I aspire to create songs from my experiences or observations.  I am open to destructive criticism because I have a strong denial gene mutation.

Dennis Chilton
Drummer, Backup Vocals, Grammar Genius

I am a retired high school history teacher and proud grandfather of three. I started playing drums at 15 and played in several rock n roll bands in my 20's and 30's. I managed and played in the Gringo Loco band in the 1990's which released a CD of original music that sold in local record stores. Music is as much a part of my life as breathing.

Mike Cabrera

Mike Cabrera is the younger brother of Charlie Cabrera.
He is a key back up rhythm and lead  player in our live gigs
Mike is a very creative guitar player and songwriter as well. He pays great attention to the very fine details of constructing a song.
He has the ability to think outside the key and come up with some interesting additions.